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Title Post date
Leirvik AS satsar stort på digitalisering av bedrifta 9/21/2018
Apply Leirvik AS becomes Leirvik AS 1/19/2018
New contract awarded Apply Leirvik 11/21/2017
Apply Leirvik flytter aktiviteten fra Seglneset til Aslaksvik 11/15/2017
Peregrino II Living Quarters – Contract to Apply Leirvik 7/11/2017
New Managing Director at Apply Leirvik AS 12/23/2016
Press release from Det norske - The living quarters to the Ivar Aasen platform is ready for departure 6/29/2016
Largest contract ever to Apply LQ & Helidecks - Apply to build Johan Sverdrup Accomodation Module. 6/8/2015
Oseberg C - Living Quarters Extension – Module Contract to Apply 7/16/2014
New International Contracts to Apply 6/20/2014
Shah Deniz awards contract to Apply Emtunga 3/21/2014
Apply to build the aluminium DEH Module to Chevron’s Lianzi Project in Angola. 6/10/2013
Apply takes an extended role in Kvaerner Stord’s Eldfisk 2/7 S project 6/7/2013
Final contract signed for Martin Linge LQ 4/8/2013
Yet Another Living Quarters to Apply 4/3/2013
Gina Krog Living Quarters to Apply 3/19/2013
Martin Linge LQ – Press release 2/5/2013
New large Living Quarter contract to Apply Leirvik 6/20/2012
Edvard Grieg Living Quarter to Apply Leirvik 6/7/2012
Gudrun Living Quarter to Apply Leirvik 1/21/2011
Gjøa Sail Away 1/21/2011
Topside FEED Gudrun 1/21/2011
Record-breaking contract Troll A 1/21/2011
Gjøa - Living Quarters Contract 1/21/2011
LEIRVIK MT awarded a new contract on Troll “C” 1/21/2011
Clair Living Quarters & Utility Building Contract Awarded 1/21/2011
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