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Apply to build the aluminium DEH Module to Chevron’s Lianzi Project in Angola.

teikning modul
Wärtsilä Norway has awarded Apply Leirvik a contract for the delivery of a Direct Electrical Heating (DEH) Module to be installed on the Lianzi BBLT platform offshore Angola.

The module will contain Wärtsilä’s Direct Electrical Heating System that will be used to heat the 43 km long subsea production pipeline between the Lianzi Field and the Benguela Belize Lobito Tomboco (BBLT) platform. The Lianzi field lies approximately 100 km of the coast of the Republic of Congo, and the BBLT platform is located in Angola.

Wärtsilä DEH is a flow assurance tool used to avoid ice-like structures called hydrate plugs and the appearance of wax in production flow lines.

Apply Scope of Work will be to deliver the module, to install the Wärtsilä DEH system, and to deliver a transport container for a transformer, both in aluminium. The container delivery is November 2013 and the module delivery is May 2014. Seinar Stegen is Apply’s Project Manager. The project will be engineered and assembled at Apply Leirvik.

“We are honoured that Wärtsilä again has selected Apply for delivery of a DEH Module, following the successful delivery of a similar DEH Modules last year” says Managing Director Lars Solberg.

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