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Gjøa Sail Away

The Gjøa Living Quarters module was delivered to StatoilHydro the 6th of May 2009, one day ahead of schedule.

gjoasailaway0“Gjøa is the best Living Quarters delivered to the North Sea” says Harald Karlsson, CEO of Apply Leirvik. “We should know, Apply Leirvik has delivered the majority of all the Living Quarters to the Norwegian Continental Shelf”.

The 3600m2 Living Quarters will accommodate 100 persons in single cabins, all necessary facilities like recreation, gallery, offices, gymnasium etc. are included in the hotel. In addition, technical rooms and central control rooms together with helicopter deck and lifeboats are also included in the delivery.
Hook-up of the Living Quarters module will be performed at Aker Solutions yard, Aker Stord, in August 2009.

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