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Living Quarters


Tailor Made Living Quarter
Complete integrated Living Quarter Modules and Helidecks based on bespoke design to meet specific project requirements and regional regulations.

LQ Extensions & Upgrades
Extensions, upgrades and conversions of Living Quarters on existing offshore installations and vessels in order to enhance occupational safety, increase capacity and extend field life.

After Sales Services
Services for offshore installations in operation modus including spare parts, surveys and technical inspections.

Engineering & FEED Services
Focus on early involvement at the concept- and basic design stage of a project based on 40+years of experience from EPC deliveries of Living Quarters to the offshore industry. Complete engineering deliverables for projects world wide.

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Ivar Aasen
Leirvik | Pb 273, N-5402 Stord, Norway | Tel: +47 53 49 62 00