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Wellhead Platform Alliance (Aker BP, Aker Solutions, Kværner og ABB) Vallhall Flanck West Emergency Shelter & Helideck - ongoing project 2017 Press Release
Statoil Peregrino II Living Quarters & Helideck - ongoing project 2017 Press Release
K2JV  (Statoil) Johan Sverdrup Living Quarters & Helideck - ongoing project 2018 Press Release
DSME (Statoil)
Gina Krog Project Living Quarters & Helideck
07/2016 Picture 
Det Norske
Ivar Aasen Project Living Quarters & Helideck
06/2016 Picture
Statoil Oseberg C LQE 05/2016 Picture
Worley Parsons (Exxon)
Hebron Project Living Quarters
12/2014 Picture 
Kværner Stord (Lundin)
Edvard Grieg Project Living Quarters & Helideck
06/2014  Picture
Kværner Stord (Conoco Philips)
Eldfisk Living Quarters - Outfitting
04/2014 Picture 
Gudrun Project Living Quarters & Helideck
2012 Picture 
Master Marine
Outfitting of PLQ –Service Jack L205
Statoil/Hydro Troll A Future Development Living Quarters Extension 2010 Picture 
Statoil/Hydro Gjøa Project Living Quarters & Helideck 2009 Picture 
Statoil/Hydro Snorre A VKM & Installation New Office
and Workshop module including Hook-Up
2009 Picture 
Aker Solutions H6e Drilling Rigs, two Living Quarters and Helidecks 2008 Picture 
Statoil Snorre A LQE & Installation 46 new cabins, CCR etc.
in one module including Hook-Up
Fabricom/ConocoPhillips (C Contract) Ekofisk 2/4J Prodused Water Handling Module 2006  
Vetco Aibel (Statoil) Huldra LQ Extension 10 new cabins, including Hook-Up 2005  
Norsk Hydro Troll C LQ Extension 30 new cabins, including Hook-Up 2005  
Norsk Hydro Oseberg Øst LQ Extension 20 new cabins, 1 recr. module
and new life boats including Hook-Up
Aker Stord/ Statoil (C Contract) KEP 2005 PAR'S & PAU's, totally 500 tonnes   2004  
 Chvron Texaco (Nigeria) (EPC Contract)  Dibi & Delta Living Quartes & Helideck 2004  picture 
 BP (UK) (EPC Contract) Clair Project Living Quarters & Utility Building  2004   
 Statoil Kvitebjørn LQ Extension 22 new cabins including Hook-up   2003  
 Statoil Visund LQ Extension 12 new cabins in four modules including Hook-up  2003  
 WM Alliansen/Statoil (C Contract) Heidrun Water Injection and Sulphate Removal Project Fabrication of two moduloes including Hook-up   2003  
 Statoil (EPC Contract) Kvitebjørn Project Living Quarters & Helideck  2001   pdf
 Kværner Oil & Gas / Saga Petroleum (EPC contract) Snorre B LQ, CCR & Helideck  2000  pdf
 Umoe Haugesund/ Norsk Hydro  Troll C Floating Production Unit Utility module/LQ & Helideck   1998 pdf 
 Brown & Root Energy Services Gullfaks Field Towgead Structures, Towhead and Tie-in spools   1998  
 Kværner Engineering/Norsk Hydro Oseberg Øst Project & Helideck  1997   
 Aker Stord/ Norsk Hydro (EPC Contract) Njord Floating Production Unit Suction Anchors  1997   
 Umoe Haugesund / Norsk Hydro (EPC Contract)  Visund Floating Production Unit Utlilty module 7 LQ & Helideck 1997  pdf 
 Aker Maritime Njord FPSO Suction Anchors, Gantry and Flare  1996   
 Aker Stord/ Norsk Hydro (EPC Contract) Njord Floating Production Unit LQ & Helideck   1996  pdf
 Statoil (Fabrication Contract) Norne Foating Production Unit Suction anchors, Gantry & Flare  1996   
 Norsk Hydro (EPC Contract) Troll Olje LQ & Helideck 1995   
 Shell Expro U.K. (EPC contract)  Nelson Vev. Project LQ & Helideck  1993 pdf 
 Wilrig AS (EPC Contract)  Treasure Prospect Upgrading/Conversion of Rig 1992   
 Statoil (EPC Contract)  Statfjord C Additional alim.modules (5 nos.) 1992   
 Statoil (EPC Contract)  Sleipner A LQ & Helideck 1991   
 Saga Petroleum (EPC Contract)  Snorre Development Project LQ & Helideck  1991 pdf 
 Statoil (EPC Contract)  Gullfaks C LQ  1988  
 Norsk Hydro (EPC Contract)  Oseberg A LQ & Helideck 1987  pdf 
 Statoil (EPC Contract) Gullfaks B LQ & Helideck  1986   
 Statoil (EPC Contract)  Gullfaks A LQ 1985   
 Phillips Petroleum Company Norway (C Contract)  Waterflood Expasion Structural Work 1983   
Mobil Exploration Norway Inc. (EPC Contract)  Statfjord A temp. LQ 1983   
Phillips Petroleum Company Norway (EPC Contract)  Ekofisk 2/4 Q LQ & Helideck 1981   
Mobil Exploration Norway Inc. (EPC Contract)  Statfjord B LQ & Helideck 1980   
Mobil Exploration Norway Inc. (EPC Contract)  Statfjord A Temp. LQ  1977  
 Aker Group (Subcontract)  Statfjord A LQ & Helideck 1976   
 Aker Group (Subcontract) Beryl A LQ & Heldeck  1975   
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